Monday, November 29, 2010

Early Symptoms of Brain Cancer

The symptoms of brain cancer are nothing but the effect of brain tumor. It strongly affects patient’s nervous system and intern, the brain. So, the symptoms are also related to neurological system only. Patient’s facing problems like headache. The headaches are stronger especially during the morning hours and when lying down, it gets worst.

It is but obvious that if your brain is having any sorts of problem, you other body parts are also going to get affected. Hence, these patients who are suffering from brain cancer have numbness in arms, in legs or in face muscles. In our regular life, we are never focused on such issues. At times we only consult the doctor when the pain goes out of control. But at that time, it’s too late.

In the early stages, a Brain cancer patient also feels like vomiting, nausea and at times loses coordination of body movement. Difficulty in walking and muscle twitching are also symptoms of brain cancer. Seizure can also occur in early stages. Breathing problems and lack of sense of smell is another symptom of brain cancer during early stages

Most of the time, we ignore our bad memory problems. But it may happen due to brain cancer. If a person is at the early stage of Brain cancer, then he or she can easily find problems with their routine movements including walking, hearing, talking and so on. The may also face poor eye vision or double vision. While having conversation, patient might stop in between or take many pauses.

A patient who is at early stages of brain cancer can also have behavioral issues. Many times person becomes aggressive. At times co-ordination between talking and doing things is totally missing. Mood swing and judgment problem are symptoms of brain cancer too. Person is not able to judge the things properly. Some times, the person goes through sudden moods swings. In emergency condition, people not react quickly.

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